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An update about results and video games

I got my results on Thursday 16th of August and was calm whilst I went to school and though it was under 8 minutes away, my brother came too, for moral support. :)

I got a C for English Literature, and Ds for both History and Biology. They were high Ds though, which I found out later. I was really shocked as to how badly I did in Biology and English Literature as I had been expecting a B or an A hopefully, and I still don't know how I managed to do so badly though I was preoccupied with not trying to cough during one of my Biology exams.

I admit, I cried quite a bit out of shock. I had never done so badly. I think I might try to get my papers back to see what I did wrong.

I'm retaking the year with History and English but with Sociology instead of Biology, God willing. I dropped Biology because it wasn't nearly as interesting as Sociology seems to be and those free periods I get due to doing only 3 A levels are going to come in handy, especially close to exam time.

I just need to see whether or not I can still have a place at my current sixth form as the year 11s who have graduated secondary school [juniors are what they would be called according to the American education system, I believe] are given higher priority for seats instead of those retaking the year. It's highly likely that I will get a place, but I'm still worrying over that small percentage that would mean that I wouldn't be able to.

God willing I will. I'll most likely post about it.


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'Democracy' and Phoenix Wright; Trials and Tribulations

I went to see 'Democracy' produced by Michael Frayn the other day with my drama workshop people. Barring a panicked half an hour running around at the end of the play, the visit went well. It is a historical thriller set in Germany in the 1970s and 80s, factually based, about how the Communist spy Gunter Guillame became Willy Brandt's good friend and deals partially with the power struggle of those within the German party with Brandt. 

There were no women in the play and it was, for the most part, similar guys in suits on stage talking to one another, but it wasn't that hard to pay attention because you wouldn't know what they were talking about if you missed half a sentence. I liked the play overall as Guillame is seen as trustworthy by mostly everyone and so it was interesting to see how as well as why they would turn against him, notwithstanding that there was a power struggle between Brandt and the other contenders for the title of Chancellor which was the German equivalent of President. However, I did find it a little difficult to take in what they were saying because the characters frequently mentioned places and events that I didn't know about so I felt out of the loop.

That was really the only downside of the play.

It was hard remembering all of the characters, but because of the workshop earlier, I remembered some of their names and so could distinguish their motives. They did call out other character's names as well so that was a help. What kind of spoiled the ending for me was that the workshop earlier told me some of the ending, so I knew what was going to happen before it did happen.

I'm not by any means a reviewer of plays, so I'll just say that I really liked this play and would recommend it to people who liked thrillers as well as history or politics and can stay awake during lectures as there is a lot of talking to be had between the characters.


In other news, I am playing through 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations' and am loving it so far, as I've done previously with all the others, even though I want more of Mia Fey's backstory and more of her cases since the Dahlia Hawthorne one was good.  It's probably shallow of me, but every time Mia was yelling 'Objection' I could only think of how pretty she looked. Also, I wonder how many times Winston Payne has been bested by another younger and more inexperienced lawyer? I have no idea why he's so arrogant, but I guess it either means he's good or maybe he has built up his self esteem to be inpenetrable to deflation by other lawyers. It'd be kind of funny if Capcom released a game in which you had to play an always wrong lawyer, maybe.

I'm only on the second turnabout though which I am taking my time with since it's the last game Phoenix Wright ever stars in as the protagonist. I am upset with that, but then again, Ema Skye stars in the next game and I reckon she'll be very handy what with all her scientific gear.  I really liked 'Turnabout: Rise From the Ashes' partly because of the scientific detective work I got to do!

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My exams are done! Completed on Tuesday 22nd of May. Egad, the history ones, I know, did not go so well. I spent way too long on one question and not enough on the other, and I think as a result that I will probably get a C. The English Literature exam went well though and I'm hoping that I'm not just deluding myself as to how well I did as a result of the joy I feel that I've completed it, since I was very nervous about it beforehand. The two Biology exams have been not so bad either though the second one went particularly well, I feel.

Well, even if I don't do so well on my History exams or others that I've done. I do get to retake the year and probably have my lovely History teachers again, and if that happens, I'm particularly looking forward to being in Miss Y's class again...[yes I will miss her quite a lot, gah, I guess I get attached to people easily...]

So I'm free until the 11th of June and my to do list is as follows:

*Get started on completing those lists of books that I've made
*Work on poetry perhaps/decide whether I want to work more towards becoming a published poet traditionally or just publish them on the net  
*Watch CardCaptor Sakura episodes
*Finish some Nintendo DS games and play more FE
*Look at universities and courses
*Look at A level courses that I might want to take for next year

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I've got an account on Dreamwidth. I'm called equillibrium, so if anyone on my f-list that is on DW wants to add me, then go ahead!

It's a mirror of my journal here, really.

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My parent's/teacher evening is coming up in about 2 weeks, which I am not looking forward to due to my Chemistry teacher's appointment. I've been getting Us in that subject for a while now, and last week, on a test that I thought I had done well in, I got another U. 'sighs' I haven't discussed it with my mother, and I don't really want to. She's seen the progress grades, so she does know but she hasn't talked to me about it.  

In happier news, I did get my first solid A in my Russian history assessment! Top of the class, I hope.

I also wanted to ask if anyone has any thoughts on Nino/Jaffar's ending and how it would work out in real life?

Maybe it's just because I'm a cynic, but I could never picture them happy together for a long time, because I have a feeling that Jaffar is emotionally stunted as in their C level support conversation, he says 'I did not feel...I did what I was told' and Nino may not know what love is due to her lack of experience in the subject. The latter may not matter as much as the former idea of mine in regard to their relationship working out, but for whatever reason, I think that they would realise that their relationship was a mistake, then break up or stay friends.

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It's my birthday today!

So yes, this does indeed need a post. It's funny that being 17 seems so old to me when it is in fact very little indeed. I don't feel 17 at all.

My birthday was good! I got a few birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances and I got congratulated on doing well on my progress report.

We had some of the teachers singing 'Last Christmas' too, which I always find very funny! Some of them, I'm pleased to report, got into it and really enjoyed themselves which was a lovely scene to see but I feel sorry for one of my Biology teachers as she was looking as if she really didn't want to be there at all.

They weren't bad actually, but I think some of them were off key...

It snowed as well. I've got cookies awaiting, too. All in all, a quiet birthday.

My Biology exam is coming up in January so all I'm really going to do is revise and revise my draft for one piece of Literature coursework. I'm looking forward to going to my cousins' wedding next week, as it means a family get together! Those are lovely.  Hopefully, I will be able to see some of my friends, because they're in university and are always busy. I do miss them a lot.

It seems that time is going so fast, it's indeed scary and I'm already regretting not doing enough with the time I had. However, I'm having a great time in the sixth form learning about subjects that I like and most of them, I love. I'm more certain now as to what I want to do when I get to university [which I will be able to do, God willing] and it has to be an English degree. I think the sciences of Biology and Chemistry are going to be, perhaps, hobbies of mine. I do love History maybe a degree with a historical element may be best.

I also am pretty certain that I want to become an English teacher and then be able to get the qualification necessary to be able to teach at university level. But I'm waiting to see if there's anything in the sciences that would interest me enough to take me onto another path.

I went to see a play with some of my Literature group called 'Playboy of the Western World' which is a dark comic tale about a boy who claims he killed his father and his adventures afterwards in a nearby town. We also had a workshop beforehand, which was O.K. but I liked the play better.  Most of the girls were squealing and saying disturbing things such as 'I'm going to tie him up and make him marry me' because Robert Sheeran [I think that's his name] was playing the boy who killed his father. He's a character in the show 'Misfits' and apparently, quite a lot of girls fancy him like chocolate. So yes, I had a good time being amused and shocked about their fangirlness...: D

The play was spoken in Irish slang, which would have made it difficult to understand had it not been for the fact that we had been told the English translation of some of the words and the rest we could get the gist of.

I liked it. The plot itself was engaging, as we were wondering what would happen to the boy after he had put himself up in the house of the main girl's father. I won't spoil the ending if any of you guys are going to see it. I liked the music a lot too, as it was catchy and traditional Irish music, I was a little disappointed that they didn't dance as the music was very lively.  I would have liked to see if they could do some traditional Irish dancing!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone! If you do not celebrate it, please have a great two weeks!

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Yes, I too have taken the plunge.

Without a fully or even partially completed storyline to boot. But after this, I will be scribbling away the plot like crazy.

And no character sketches.

Am I mad? Well, to tell you the truth, yes. Why am I doing it? I think it's the website's fault: all those gadgets and I do want to write a novel.

So yes, I may not be an original fiction writer but I shall try. Alas, I have a feeling that I shall fail...

But if anyone who's doing it wants to add me as their NaNo buddy, I'm called violet_oasis [my favourite colour is actually blue...don't give that weird look, purple is my third, I think].

Besides those two reasons, I like a challenge.

Hopefully I will get my story at least completed by November. I don't know or particularly care about getting to the 50,000 words.

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Drabble 4/365: Betrayal

Title: Betrayal
Fandom: Fire Emblem 7
Characters: Kent, Lyn
Pairing/s: none
Genre: Friendship/Angst
Summary:  'the people hated her for it'

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I'm trying to do a fanfiction piece for the fe_contest. Alas, I fear I may not make it.

Also, I highly doubt it, but I'm going to try and see whether I can work out a basic plot and some character sketches for NaNoWriMo, if I can decide whether or not I want to be in it this year or not.
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Drabble 3/365: Fallen

For the 365 drabble challenge [and because I wanted to at least post something fanfiction related]:
Title :  FALLEN
Fandom: Fire Emblem 7 
Character/s: Fiora
Pairings: none
Word count: 349
A/N: I might regret this later on, but I just wanted to see what anyone thinks of this. It's certainly not my best writing. Somewhat edited.

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For English Literature, I got an A*, which is also what I got for English Language [which is a separate qualifIication with my exam board], I got a B in Maths for which I'm happy about as it meant that I didn't have any problem with getting into my chosen, although I do wish that I could have worked harder and gotten an A.  I have an A* in Religious Studies Christianity, 3 Bs in GCSE Chemistry, Biology and Core Science although I did get 2 As in GCSE Physics and GCSE Additional Science. I got a B in Geography, [I hope I don't run into my Geography teacher at Prize Giving, as I'm not really sure she's going to be happy about this...]

I got an A in History and...
AN A IN DRAMA!  I EXCEEDED MY TARGET! I really didn't think I would do so well, I have a feeling that if I bump into my Drama teacher at Prize Giving, she's going to be disappointed when I tell her that I'm not doing Drama...oh well.

Am I happy? Yes and no, I'm still disappointed about what happened with my science grades, but it got me into the courses I wanted to do. And I'm told that most employers look only at Maths and English so yes I am. I'm learning to live with my Bs. But I am going to make sure I have no Bs for my A levels! I'm predicted to get 4 As anyway so, yes, I've got a lot of work to do because I haven't yet learnt how hard A levels are compared to GCSE.

I've been at my new sixth form for a few weeks now and it's going great! I'm going to my first choice, which just so happens to be a very good sixth form [they have a lot of people from there going to top universities, like Cambridge] and it's very close to my house which means that I can walk to school! I'm really happy about that, because I love walking, notwithstanding the fact that I'm reducing my carbon footprint and I can stay after school without worrying about when I need to get home [as long as I tell my mum, of course]. Everyone's very lovely, friendly and helpful including the teachers who seem to passionate about what they are teaching, some more than others. They're very knowledgeable about their subjects some of them which is so cool since they can answer all of our questions that we bombard them with [especially true in my Organic Chemistry class].

I'm taking A levels for which a similar American equivalent of is AP. However, A levels take roughly 2 years. I'm taking A level Chemistry, Biology, History and English Literature. So far I'm really liking all of them. I must admit though, I love English Literature and History too. We're doing Russian history from 1881 to 1924 and how it changed the world which in my opinion is very cool! I've got two teachers for each subject teaching 2 different modules at the same time since sixth form or college in Britain currently lasts a year and a half so there's a lot to cram in!  So we're doing British history too, from the 18th century to somewhere in the 19th century which is also quite interesting. I find Russian history more interesting though. I think one benefit of English Literature is that you get a lot of books, for a subsidised price. I love this class because I love reading and analysing text, notwithstanding that everyone's eager to learn and eager to share their views. Which is how all of my other classes are, by the way.

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Exams were completed on Friday, 17th of June, 2011.

Paper 2 of English and English Literature Paper went well, really well, I'd say so did History Paper 2 and on some level, History paper 1. I'm worried about my Biology exam the most but I can't do anything now: I think I missed out on a couple of points that will cost me an A* in one module.

As for Chemistry,  I think I did well. I'm sure that I did well for Physics. AND i GOT AN A* FOR MY PHYSICS COURSEWORK! Which means that I will get an A* even if my exam results for Physics is an A.  I was smiling throughout the exam as I found out just before the exam.

Geography? I'm not sure. Maths was O.K. In past exams, I always used to get a C in Maths even though I thought I did well.

So I'm just hoping that I will do well in it. I need a B for my A level Biology and my A level Chemistry course. I need an A, says my Chemistry teacher, to do well in both but I think I can get it without an A because I've got a Maths CD.

For these past few weeks, I've been reading and watching television as well as playing a lot of Nintendo DS. I've been reading 'Villete' by Charlotte Bronte and 'Persuasion' by Jane Austen. I might take a leaf out of Nagasasus' book and do a book review when I've finished since I'm not that far into both of the books.

We're going to Holland in a few weeks for a holiday! I'm so excited but rather doubtful of how it will be fun...still we'll see. I'll post about it later, when I've gotten back.

And immediately after that is Ramadan. I'll do better this year, that I promise: I didn't finish the whole Quran in the month of Ramadan last year and so it's become one of my goals for this year.  August the 25th is when our GCSE results come out and I really hope that it will come quickly!